Emergency Medical Services

The Germantown Fire Department is the Primary Ambulance Service for the Village of Germantown.  Our Primary service are is the 34.5 square miles of the Village, in addition we also provide service to 8 miles of I41.  In 2015 Germantown Ambulances responded to over 1300 patients, which is about 80% of the Fire Department's request for services.

The Germantown Fire Department operates at an Intermediate Technician level.  At this level of operation EMTs may administer IV therapy, and a limited scope of medications in addition to basic medical evaluations.

Fire Supression

Even Though we are a fire department, fire supression comprises only about 15% of our total call volume.  On average the GFD responds to around 400 calls for fire service a year.  These call can range from a structure fire to a duck trapped in a sewer.  The fire department is usually called when all other resources can not handle the situation.

Safety and education

The Germantown Fire Department offers many public relations and public education opportunities through out the year. Some of our programs are:

  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Fire Truck Displays
  • First Aid for Kids
  • Learn Not to Burn
  • October Fire Safety Fair
  • School and Daycare Visits
  • Specialized classes for Scout Troops
  • Station tours
  • Survive Alive House Programs

You can request the Germantown Fire Department for your upcoming event by calling 262-502-4701.

Fire Safety FairFire Safety Fair
Our annual Fire Safety Fair is held the first Saturday in October,. The fair includes fire apparatus from Germantown and neighboring communities, vendors of safety-related products, demonstrations of house fires, car fires, auto extrication, sprinkler systems, and many others. The fair also includes free lunch. THe fair is open to the public and free of charge. Hours are from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.